Is it possible to use the universal laws to create the life of my dreams?

The underpinnings to reality are either universal laws or cosmic laws. Reality as we know it today would not be possible without them. The universe is ordered by universal law. These laws can affect anyone, even if you are not aware of them. The back drop of the physical universe is always under the control of universal laws, with or without our awareness.

Many metaphysical professionals and authors make the distinction between spiritual law and natural law. Scientists have identified natural laws as the forces that have a direct and tangible effect on the physical universe. Gravitation is a perfect example of a natural law. Spiritual laws include the principles o attraction, abundance, growth. These laws are not yet validated by science, so they remain in metaphysics. To include both spiritual and natural laws, I use the term “universal” law.

The Creator has created universal laws to enable humans to experience physical reality. The environment in which humans experience “life” is called physical reality. Sometimes I refer to life as the “human experiment”. My belief is that life’s purpose is to provide challenges and tests to help us grow and improve our character. These experiments are sometimes called’missions’ by some. Our missions are carried out by the roles that we play. Roles are similar to the many roles we take on in our relationships. There are many reasons why people form relationships. These relationships can include marriage, employment and social groups.

Gravitation is one of the most simple physical laws. Gravity keeps our feet on the ground, which is something we can all understand. Gravity was never officially named. Humans have been conscious of gravity’s effects on them for centuries.

Violations or disregards of universal law can have natural consequences. The law of gravity will protect you from the Earth if you leap out of a plane and do not have a parachute. It will not be pleasant, I promise. This result is obvious to everyone, even if they are not told. These stunts are only for cartoon characters.

Universal law is the same as societal laws. The United States drives on the right side. This rule is required of everyone who receives a driver’s licence. This is for our safety. Someone will be hurt if we drive on the right side of the road.

I believe that the universal law was only known to a small number of people at one point. I believe these laws were kept from society to prevent them from using it for their own personal gain. The conspiracy theorists claim that certain elite groups kept this metaphysical information hidden to maintain power over the people. This assertion is not supported by me. Metaphysics was introduced to the mainstream decades ago, and it is now accessible to the general public.

It is clear that universal law’s true purpose is often misunderstood. Misguided people (often assuming the vague title of life coach), sell books and programs that encourage people to manipulate the Law of Attraction and achieve fame and fortune. With a little guidance, it is possible to make your dreams come true. It’s important to remember a simple saying before you use universal law for your personal gain. “Be careful what are you wishing for.” It is a mistake to think you can use universal laws for self-indulgence or hedonistic pursuits. While it is true that we can use them for this purpose, there are also consequences.

A miserable existence can be caused by misuse of certain universal laws, such as the principle o f attraction. The universal laws were created to ensure the survival of the planet as well as the creation of the human experience. People will often ask for what they think they want, but not necessarily what is best for them. This strategy often leads to regret and unhappiness.

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