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For most children, speech skills develop within a certain age range. A speech delay may be indicated by a child not being able to speak at four months of age or not responding to speech questions by nine months.

Autism spectrum disorder children also suffer from speech delays. Some resources and practices can be used to encourage speech development in children with autism spectrum disorder, such as speech therapy.

We wanted to compile 10 speech exercises that could be used at home for speech therapy when access to SLPs was not possible.

What’s Speech Therapy?

Speech-Language Pathologists use this intervention to improve a child’s language skills.

Sydney speech pathologist can also help children understand. It’s used to improve fluency, articulation, and other skills.

The practice aims to help the child communicate clearly and easily. Children learn to understand and interpret language.

What happens in Speech Therapy for Toddlers (SLP)?

It is important to seek professional help. Children can get help from speech-language pathologists with their language and speech difficulties.

The speech-language pathologist will first assess the situation and determine the best approach. Speech therapy uses a few techniques:

Utilizing picture boards

Signing or typing

Exercise facial muscles to improve articulation

Modulating the voice’s tone

Understanding body language

These techniques are focused on changing behavior and social communication. This will result in the child being more socially accepted. Sydney speech pathologist often works with caregivers to provide better and more appropriate care.

Children with autism can become more socially aware through speech therapy. While no single therapy is proven to work, combining several methods could prove beneficial for the child’s speech or language.

There are many other methods. There are many other techniques. Your child’s doctor and the speech-language pathologist would determine which one is best.

There are many other support practices available for home-based speech therapy that can be used in addition to professional assistance. We have collected a list of 10 speech exercises that you and your child can do at home.

Children especially love the 10th one.

Talk to your child. From the moment your child is born, talk to them. Talkback to them when they start cooing. Focusing on communication will encourage the child to speak. Do not force them to speak at once.

Your child will learn to communicate with you casually, and it will help him or she understands when to use which words correctly. Learning speech is best when you mimic sounds and gestures. These exercises will aid the child.

Encourage your child to speak by singing. Singing will help them memorize and learn new words. They will also enhance their listening skills.

Singing songs can help your child expand their vocabulary. Songs are full of rhymes, which is a very useful tool.

Read books together with your child, even if they are babies. Children will be drawn to books that are appropriate for their age. The child will be able to see the visual aids as you name the items in the book.

This could encourage the child to learn new words. Reading aloud, similar to signing, expands the child’s vocabulary.

Identify the vegetable you are looking at while shopping. While cooking, explain what you’re doing. When cleaning your house, point out any objects. Keep your explanations short and simple.

Storytelling is another way to get your child talking and sharing more information. Simple routines can be transformed into stories that include interesting details for your child.

Limiting the access of your child to toys and food will eventually lead to them asking for help. This is a great way to demonstrate how to ask. These are a way to encourage speaking.

It is important to listen to your child. Allow them to think before you respond. Don’t respond immediately.

Your child will be able to practice the sounds and the shapes created by their mouths, as well as the ability to exercise their facial muscles to articulate the words.


Technology offers a lot. Online tools are plentiful and can be used to create a fun, productive speech therapy.

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